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Position: Professor of Financial Management
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance


Sydney Howell read English at Cambridge and gained industrial experience with Alcan, Ranks Hovis McDougall and Philips Electronic Components before completing his PhD at MBS on forecasting for inventory control. He joined MBS to teach Management Accounting and Control, including applied multivariate statistics. He spent a two year secondment to IBM's school of International Finance, Planning and Administration in Brussels in the 1980s, and has continued to teach for IBM at intervals since, in a total of 12 countries. At MBS in recent years he has developed the MBA design to include two compulsory in-company consultancy projects, respectively in the first and second years, and presently restricts his degree course teaching (other than PhD supervision and examination) to the direction of both these parts of the MBA. For MBS's executive and corporate teaching he has been closely involved in designing, negotiating and/or delivering multi-million pound ventures with Arthur Andersen, IBM, Tesco and BP. He has also worked with Banking, Insurance and Legal companies. Two of his practitioner books have been translated, respectively into into Italian and Chinese. In recent years he has been drawn into energy research, chiefly the modelling of wind and other renewables, using the mathematics of finance as a fast way to model the dynamics of physical storage systems. For this work he collaborates with the School of Mathematics, and with engineers at Imperial College and BP Alternative Energy.

Research Interests

Recent research interests focus on the use of modern financial mathematical tools to model management problems in energy systems. This work has been carried on over 4 grants in the last five years: one from DTI (in collaboration with Prof, G. Strbac, now at Imperial College), two from Joule and one from EPSRC (all in collaboration with Professor P. Duck of the School of Mathematics). This work has the co-operation and support of (among others) BP Alternative Energy, British Energy and the Battelle Institute.

In addition he is presently an investigator with responsibility for financial evaluation on the EPSRC funded SPRing consortium project, into the sustainability of nuclear power.

Papers based on this work are in preparation, and several other grant applications are planned.

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Additional Information

Recent publications are in the European Journal of Finance (2008 and forthcoming) and the International Journal of Retailing (2007). The Chinese edition of 'Real Options - a guide for Executives' appeared in 2006.

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