Professor Sue Llewellyn

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Position: Professor of Accountability and Management Control and Director of Herbert Simon Institute
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance

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  • Llewellyn, S., Chambers, N., Ellwood, S., Begkos, C., & Wood, C. (2016). Patient-level information and costing systems (PLICSs): a mixed-methods study of current practice and future potential for the NHS health economy. Health Services and Delivery Research, 4(31). DOI: 10.3310/hsdr04310. Publication link: 60d44687-cf23-4dae-a221-c2a5bcb3613b


  • Sheaff, R., Charles, N., Mahon, A., Chambers, N., Morando, V., Exworthy, M., ... Llewellyn, S. (2015). NHS Commissioning Practice and Health System Governance. Health Services Delivery Research.. Publication link: 72335a9b-6243-4a4e-a0c6-8a978de1b416


  • Llewellyn, S., Proctor, R., Harvey, G., Maniatopoulos, G., & Boyd, A. (2014). Facilitating technology adoption in the NHS: negotiating the organisational and policy context – a qualitative study. (Health Services and Delivery Research). National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).. Publication link: 69132e3b-45c6-4c93-9d6e-30172262f6d4
  • Chambers, N., Llewellyn, S., Ellwood, S., Adil, M., Begkos, C., & Wood, C. (2014). Finance: It is time to open the book on NHS finances. The Health service journal, 124(6403), 21-23. . Publication link: fc4b6962-130c-4354-810c-529eb7b664dd


  • Llewellyn, S., Brookes, S. L. S., & Mahon, A. (2013). Introduction:Trust and confidence in government and public services. In Trust and confidence in government and public services. (pp. 1-282). Oxon, UK and New York USA: Routledge. . Publication link: 9347907b-7c7c-49f8-90e2-c1a54ec6a4b3


  • Bracci, E., & Llewellyn, S. (2012). Accounting and accountability in an Italian social care provider: Contrasting people-changing with people-processing approaches. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 25(5), 806-834. DOI: 10.1108/09513571211234268. Publication link: 5b0c72ae-3fce-464a-85bd-b16f46d4eadd
  • Llewellyn, S., Brookes, S., & Mahon, A. (2012). Trust and confidence in government and public services: Trust and confidence in government and public services:Introduction. In Trust and confidence in government and public services. UK: Routledge. . Publication link: 42799803-d915-4b86-b4ad-77a7e2eb6352