Professor Sven Modell

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Position: Professor of Accounting
Academic unit: Accounting and Finance


Sven Modell received his PhD in Business Administration from Lund University, Sweden in 1998. Prior to joining Manchester Business School in 2006 he held a Chair in Accounting at Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden. He has also held visiting positions at the Foundation for Research in Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, and Agder University College, Kristiansand, Norway, and Curtin University of Technology, Perth, and University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Research Interests

His current work is concentrated to the social, political and institutional aspects of management accounting and control, with particular emphasis on public sector organisations. Areas of particular interest include performance measurement and management, cost accounting and resource allocation practices. His research and teaching interests also include the development of mixed methods approaches, combining qualitative and quantitative methods, and how it may be applied in management accounting research.

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  • Modell, S. (2017). Critical realist accounting research: in search of its emancipatory potential. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 42, 20-35. . Publication link: 3030ef31-98b0-4ded-8774-a789fa276ae9
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  • Wiesel, F., & Modell, S. (2014). From New Public Management to New Public Governance? Hybridization and Implications for Public Sector Consumerism. Financial Accountability and Management, 30. DOI: 10.1111/faam.12033. Publication link: 47aac353-2392-438f-98bf-8862afbbcc9b
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  • Modell, S. (2013). Theoretical pluralism in public sector accounting research: a rejoinder to Jacobs. Financial Accountability and Management. . Publication link: 1ce3b15b-4647-4a25-8830-b560e9d1c36d
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  • Modell, S. (2009). Bundling management control innovations: A field study of organisational experimenting with total quality management and the balanced scorecard. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, 22(1), 59-90. DOI: 10.1108/09513570910923015. Publication link: 76143446-c9a1-4900-8255-f68fcc98cddc



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