Dr Stephen Mustchin

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Position: Lecturer in Employment Studies
Academic unit: People, Management and Organisations

Research Interests

Stephen Mustchin is a member of the European Work and Employment Research Centre (EWERC) and the Fairness at Work research group at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. His research interests are in the political economy and sociology of work, with a particular focus on industrial relations, trade unions and HRM. He has conducted research on union involvement in learning, skills and employment in the NHS, industrial relations in postal services, union responses to vulnerable work in the construction industry, and historical research on industrial conflict in the 1980s.

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  • Martinez Lucio, M., Mustchin, S., & Whittall, M. (2015). Globalisation and Labour Regulation: Towards Transnational Collective Agreements and Beyond. In EURACTA 2: Transnational company agreements: experiences and prospects (Final Report).. Publication link: c1f4a72e-c97f-4814-81dd-112afc2f232d
  • Rocha, F., de la Fuente, L., Mustchin, S., Martinez Lucio, M., Adamczyk, S., & Surdykowska, B. (2015). Santander. In EURACTA 2: Transnational Company Agreements; experiences and prospects - Final Report.. Publication link: 22f0d74b-79fb-43ab-849d-6a253f9b626e
  • Whittall, M., Martinez Lucio, M., Mustchin, S., Rocha, F., & Telljohann, V. (2015). Volkswagen. In EURACTA 2: Transnational Company Agreements: experiences and prospects - Final Report.. Publication link: 11254de3-a610-4955-9843-28a89fa637df


  • Reid, A., & Mustchin, S. (2014). The rise and fall of British shipbuilding from the 1870s: report from British Universities Industrial Relations Association History Study Group seminar, 7 November 2012, available from http://www.historyandpolicy.org/forums/union/meeting_071112.html. No publisher name.. Publication link: e5e43c43-8e21-415a-abcc-05c688c625a1
  • Mustchin, S. (2014). Dismissal of strikers and industrial disputes: the 1985-7 strike and mass sackings at Silentnight. Labor History, 55(4), 448-464. . Publication link: bcfb3090-701f-4210-b5c7-3bc4d0394ea6
  • Mustchin, S. (2014). Union modernisation, coalitions and vulnerable work in the construction sector in Britain. Industrial Relations Journal, 45(2), 121-136. . Publication link: 78d42786-decd-45b2-a21d-2c6652303809


  • Mustchin, S., & Lucio, M. M. (2013). Training and workplace skills in the context of globalization: new directions and discourses in skills. In Martinez Lucio, M. (ed.) International Human Resource Management: An employment relations perspective,. (pp. 118-136). London: Sage. . Publication link: 4eaf4aa0-4668-46d5-8083-bdf47eaa4666
  • Stuart, M., Cutter, J., Cook, H., & Mustchin, S. (2013). Union Learning Impact Report. Leeds: Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change, Leeds University Business School.. Publication link: 29b8281d-ecc7-4a12-987f-d159ced8375e
  • Beale, D., & Mustchin, S. (2013). The bitter recent history of employee involvement at Royal Mail: an aggressive management agenda versus resilient workplace unionism. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 35(2), 289-308. DOI: 10.1177/0143831X13479042. Publication link: ca3ae1ea-9f1b-417c-a9d7-a4fed4d50f71



  • Grimshaw, D., Holman, D., Johnson, S., Marchington, M., Mustchin, S., & Ugarte, S. (2011). The recession in the north-west: What happened to businesses, jobs and workers? Manchester: Manchester Business School Fairness at Work Survey.. Publication link: f1414313-8ca6-481e-bf1d-901b946f99f9


  • Mustchin, S., McBride, A., Shelley, S. (Ed.), & Calveley, M. (Ed.) (2007). A Beneficial Combination? Learning Opportunities from Union Involvement in Career and Pay Progression. In Learning with Trade Unions: a contemporary agenda in employment relations. Aldershot: Ashgate. . Publication link: 30002388-b7ab-4d3b-a424-fccc17efe916


  • McBride, A., Cox, A., Mustchin, S., Carroll, M., Hyde, P., Antonacopoulou, E., ... Woolnough, H. (2006). Developing Skills in the NHS: Final Report. Manchester: Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester.. Publication link: 780bad51-9c9b-4f6e-94fb-6b79e9c816d3


  • Mcbride, A., Mustchin, S., Cox, A., Hyde, P., Walshe, K., & Antonacopoulou, E. (2005). Mapping the Progress of Skill Escalator Activities: early results from a survey of learning and development professionals within NHS Trusts. Dept of Health Policy Research Unit.. Publication link: df917342-3cf6-4ef1-a5d8-8bebf230ac99