Professor Theodor Stewart

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Position: Professor of Decision Sciences
Academic unit: Management Sciences and Marketing


After initially graduating with a BSc(Chemical Engineering) at the University of Cape Town (UCT), Theo Stewart continued part-time studies in operations research and statistics through the University of South Africa, completing a BSc (Hons) in 1972, an MSc (OR) the following year, and a PhD in Mathematical Statistics ("Bayes optimal experimental design for determination of a response surface maximum") in 1976. He is currently part-time professor of decision science in the Manchester Business School, and professor emeritus and senior research scholar at the University of Cape Town.

He was Vice President of IFORS (International Federation of Operational Research Societies) for the period 2004-2006, and president of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision-making for the period 2004-2008. from which he received the gold medal in 2008. He is a past-president and fellow of both the Operations Research Society of South Africa (ORSSA) and the South African Statistical Association, and has been awarded ORSSA's Tom Roszwadowski Medal on five occasions. He was founder-editor of ORiON, the journal of ORSSA.

Theo Stewart is currently editor-in-chief of the Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, and African editor for International Transactions in Operationqal Research (including a period as guest editor for papers emerging from the 1999 triennial conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies) and was formerly an associate editor for OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science. He also serves on the editorial advisory boards of a number of other international journals.

He is a Member of the Academy of Science of South Africa and a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa.

Research Interests

Theo Stewart is primarily an operations researcher, and his particular areas of interest are multicriteria decision analysis, multiobjective mathematical programming, Bayesian statistics, and applications of these methods in resource management and industrial planning.

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