Manchester leadership programme

The Manchester Leadership Programme (MLP) is unique to The University of Manchester and provides you with the opportunity to enhance your university experience, while giving something back to the wider community. All Alliance MBS students have the opportunity to complete MLP course units.

You will learn about the challenges facing society in the 21st century, and the leadership approaches needed to address them, both in theory and in real-world practice. The programme also helps you to develop the skills and experiences that graduate employers seek.

There are two elements to the programme:

Leadership in Action course units

Through the programme's academic course units, you will work with students from across the University, exploring how change happens, who makes it happen, and what this tells us about 21st century leadership. You’ll learn from leading academics and high profile leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Volunteering activities

Through the volunteering side of the programme, you will apply learning about leadership in real-world, practical contexts, meet new people, develop new skills and give something back to the wider community. Students who successfully complete both programme elements receive the prestigious Manchester Leadership Programme (Bronze, Silver or Gold level).

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