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Innovation, Management and Policy (IMP)

The division is an international centre of excellence, and one of the largest research groups for innovation management and policy, not just in the UK, but across the world. It is made up of two groups - Innovate, Strategy and Sustainability, and Health Management - and includes the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR) and the Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI).

The division’s research advances the boundaries of knowledge, practice and policy. As well as firmly establishing itself as a leading centre for science and innovation policy analysis, the group works on the challenges facing firms and public services, and also provides independent advice helping public and private sector organisations to apply innovation within their own organisations and areas of work.

Research in the division ranges from firm level analysis of managing innovation to inter-firms relations and system dynamics.  It covers innovation and entrepreneurship, through creativity and design, including imagination; managerial and organizational cognition, and cognitive adaptation; developing management capabilities for innovation processes across firms and country boundaries, and governance of inter-firm relations, including outsourcing, alliances and M&As; competitive dynamics of professional service firms, especially those oriented to design and creativity.

Research in IMP analyses a number of different sectors, e.g., advanced and emerging technologies, science based industries, professional services (architecture practices, design and engineering consultancies), different fields of sustainability (e.g., renewable energy, organic food), and includes research on public services building on long standing expertise and understanding of the governance, accountability and performance of public services, in particular of healthcare organisations.

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Our Institutes

Is a world-leading centre of excellence in the study of science, technology and innovation policy and management. Its research, teaching and engagement activities build on many years of expertise, based upon a guiding principle of excellence, both in terms of academic rigour and societal relevance.

The Institute focuses on the following four key themes:

Innovation Management and Competitiveness

The significance of innovation as a source of competitiveness and as a driver of industrial dynamics is widely recognised. However, innovation itself is ever-changing.

Emerging Technology, Dynamics and Governance

Its work around Responsible Research and Innovation combines with its work around the analysis of emerging technologies and their role in business strategies.

Science, Technology and Innovation, Policy & Organisations

Public policy in science, technology and innovation can reduce market and system failures, shape markets and stimulate knowledge creation and innovation.

System Transitions and Societal Challenges

Climate change, energy security, transport and resource efficiency, food safety and environmentally friendly production have all become key areas of innovation studies.

Manchester Institute of Innovation Research >>

The Sustainable Consumption Institute is comprised of academics from Alliance Manchester Business School and the Schools of Social Science and Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester.

The SCI’s research agenda explores how consumption and production systems can be ‘reconfigured’ in order to transition towards less-resource intensive ways of life. 

The Institute has established a distinctive programme of social scientific research with the following key characteristics:

  • A focus on consumption. Placing consumption in the foreground of research allows us to focus on understanding human needs, values, practices and habits.
  • Socio-technical system innovation. Treating production and consumption as systems focuses attention on the relationships between everyday practices, technology, markets, industries, infrastructure, policy and regulation.
  • Politics for a sustainable society. How sustainability discourses are framed, how they relate to everyday practices, and how a wide range of political actors interact across production and consumption systems.
  • Advancing the evidence base. By developing novel and multiple methodological techniques the SCI seeks to make a distinctive contribution to the framing and content of the policy evidence base.

Our academics make a distinctive contribution to this intellectual agenda, especially through the study of innovation, sustainability and system transition.

SCI research also makes a significant contribution to our teaching activity. Two new courses have recently been introduced – a Global MBA on Sustainable Business and a University College Course on Innovation for a Sustainable Society – while the SCI also provides content for the MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, and for the recently launched MOOC entitled ‘Managing Responsibly’.

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Silvia Massini

"The IMP division is a leading centre for innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship, delivering teaching at all levels and researching on the challenges facing firms and public services. The Division also provides independent advice, helping public and private sector organisations to apply innovation within their own organisations and areas of work."

Silvia Massini

Innovation Management and Policy

Effie Amanatidou - Innovation Management and PolicyEffie AmanatidouHonorary Senior Research Fellow
Lori Anderson - Innovation Management and PolicyLori AndersonLecturer in Healthcare Management0161-2757365Crawford House - 3.5
Sofia Angelidou - Innovation Management and PolicySofia AngelidouResearch Associate
Mike Arundale - Innovation Management and PolicyMike ArundaleSenior Lecturer in Management (strategy)0161-2756469Dover Street
Jonathan Aylen - Innovation Management and PolicyJonathan AylenHonorary Senior Research FellowHarold Hankins Building - 8.01
Kate Barker - Innovation Management and PolicyKate BarkerSenior LecturerDenmark Building
Lawrence Benson - Innovation Management and PolicyLawrence BensonLecturer In Healthcare & Public Sector ManagementCrawford House
Mercedes Bleda - Innovation Management and PolicyMercedes BledaLecturer in Strategy
Julian Bond - Innovation Management and PolicyJulian BondSenior FellowCrawford House
Frank Boons - Innovation Management and PolicyFrank BoonsStaff178 Waterloo Place - 3
Alan Boyd - Innovation Management and PolicyAlan BoydResearch FellowCrawford House
Stephen Brookes - Innovation Management and PolicyStephen BrookesSenior FellowCrawford House
Catherine Casson - Innovation Management and PolicyCatherine CassonLecturerRoscoe Building
Naomi Chambers - Innovation Management and PolicyNaomi ChambersProfessor of Healthcare Management0161-2757964Crawford House - 3.4
Elaine Clark - Innovation Management and PolicyElaine ClarkProgramme Director BSc Management/BSc Management Specialisms/Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Management and Action Learning0161-2752912Crawford House
Nick Clifford - Innovation Management and PolicyNick CliffordHonorary Research FellowDover Street
Deborah Cox - Innovation Management and PolicyDeborah CoxManager, Manchester Institute of Innovation ResearchDenmark Building
Judit Csiszar - Innovation Management and PolicyJudit CsiszarSenior Lecturer (healthcare Management)0161-2750450Crawford House - 4.003
Paul Cunningham - Innovation Management and PolicyPaul CunninghamHonorary Research FellowDenmark Building
Sarah Darley - Innovation Management and PolicySarah DarleyResearch Associate0161-2751731Stopford Building
Helen Dean - Innovation Management and PolicyHelen DeanDivisional ManagerDenmark Building
Magda Dos santos ribeiro - Innovation Management and PolicyMagda Dos santos ribeiroRutherford Visiting Research Fellow
Jakob Edler - Innovation Management and PolicyJakob EdlerProfessor of Innovation Policy and Strategy0161-2750919Denmark Building - 1.7
Elaine Ferneley - Innovation Management and PolicyElaine FerneleyDirector of University of Manchester Worldwide0161-2756391Dover Street - 2.005
Kieron Flanagan - Innovation Management and PolicyKieron FlanaganSenior Lecturer in Science and Technology PolicyDenmark Building
Dimitri Gagliardi - Innovation Management and PolicyDimitri GagliardiSenior Research FellowHarold Hankins Building
Frank Geels - Innovation Management and PolicyFrank GeelsProf of System Innovation & Sustainability0161-2757374Harold Hankins Building - 6.01
Luke Georghiou - Innovation Management and PolicyLuke GeorghiouDeputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor.John Owens Building
Nuno Gil - Innovation Management and PolicyNuno GilProfessor (Chair) of New Infrastructure Development0161-3063486Alliance Manchester Business School - EAST-F5
Susan Gill - Innovation Management and PolicySusan GillLecturer in Healthcare Management0161-2752902Crawford House - 4.003
Abdullah Gok - Innovation Management and PolicyAbdullah GokLecturer in Innovation, Strategy and Business Economics0161-2757363Denmark Building - G.04
Gill Harvey - Innovation Management and PolicyGill HarveyVisiting FellowAlliance Manchester Business School
Mark Healey - Innovation Management and PolicyMark HealeySenior Lecturer in Strategic Management0161-2756572Denmark Building - EXT 2
Martin Henery - Innovation Management and PolicyMartin HeneryEnterprise Academic / Lecturer0161-2751937Roscoe Building - 5.17A
Gerard P Hodgkinson - Innovation Management and PolicyGerard P HodgkinsonVice Dean for Research (Faculty of Humanities)0161-3065826Alliance Manchester Business School - EAST-F34
Paul Jackson - Innovation Management and PolicyPaul JacksonProfessor of Corporate Communications0161-3068795Harold Hankins Building
Andrew James - Innovation Management and PolicyAndrew JamesProfessorHarold Hankins Building
Barbara Jones - Innovation Management and PolicyBarbara JonesResearch Fellow (MIOIR)Harold Hankins Building
Jacqueline Kilbane - Innovation Management and PolicyJacqueline KilbaneLecturer in Healthcare ManagementCrawford House
Joseph Lampel - Innovation Management and PolicyJoseph LampelStaff0161-2757371Harold Hankins Building - 6.09
Philippe Laredo - Innovation Management and PolicyPhilippe LaredoProfessorHarold Hankins Building
Yanchao Li - Innovation Management and PolicyYanchao LiStaff0161-2755904Denmark Building
Denis Loveridge - Innovation Management and PolicyDenis LoveridgeHonorary Visiting Professor01695-2755863Harold Hankins Building - 9.05
Ann Mahon - Innovation Management and PolicyAnn MahonProfessor of Health Leadership0161-2752913Crawford House - 4.005
Khaleel Malik - Innovation Management and PolicyKhaleel MalikSenior LecturerDenmark Building
Wesam Mansour - Innovation Management and PolicyWesam MansourPostgraduate
Chiara Marzocchi - Innovation Management and PolicyChiara MarzocchiResearch Associate & Adjunct Lecturer0161-2757372Denmark Building - G12
Silvia Massini - Innovation Management and PolicySilvia MassiniProfessor of Economics and Management InnovationDenmark Building
Matthew McCaffrey - Innovation Management and PolicyMatthew McCaffreyLecturerRoscoe Building - 5.14A
Jill Mccarthy - Innovation Management and PolicyJill MccarthySenior Lecturer in Healthcare ManagementCrawford House
Andrew Mcmeekin - Innovation Management and PolicyAndrew McmeekinResearch Director
Andrew Mee - Innovation Management and PolicyAndrew MeeSenior Lecturer (healthcare Management)
Stan Metcalfe - Innovation Management and PolicyStan MetcalfeCo-Director
Simon Moralee - Innovation Management and PolicySimon MoraleeLecturer in Healthcare Management0161-3068480Crawford House - 3.1A
Josephine Mylan - Innovation Management and PolicyJosephine MylanResearch Fellow - MIoIR & SCI
Maria Nedeva - Innovation Management and PolicyMaria NedevaProfessor, Manchester Business School0161-2755924Harold Hankins Building
Adrian Nelson - Innovation Management and PolicyAdrian NelsonLecturerCrawford House
Eva Niesten - Innovation Management and PolicyEva NiestenSenior Lecturer in Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship0161-3068433Denmark Building - G.3
Kassandra Papadopoulou - Innovation Management and PolicyKassandra PapadopoulouLecturer in Enterprise0161-3064652Roscoe Building - 5.16E
Stephen Parkinson - Innovation Management and PolicyStephen ParkinsonN8 Research Partnership ManagerSackville Street Building - H7
Krassimira Paskaleva - Innovation Management and PolicyKrassimira PaskalevaSenior Research Fellow
Robert Phillips - Innovation Management and PolicyRobert PhillipsLecturer0161-2751935Roscoe Building - 5.14B
Jonatan Pinkse - Innovation Management and PolicyJonatan PinkseProfessor of Strategy, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipDenmark Building - 1.1
Nathan Proudlove - Innovation Management and PolicyNathan ProudloveSenior LecturerCrawford House
Adrien Querbes - Innovation Management and PolicyAdrien QuerbesLecturer in Innovation Management0161-2754028
Ronald Ramlogan - Innovation Management and PolicyRonald RamloganSenior LecturerDenmark Building
Barbara Ribeiro - Innovation Management and PolicyBarbara RibeiroResearch AssociateDenmark Building
John Rigby - Innovation Management and PolicyJohn RigbySenior Research FellowDenmark Building - 1.4
Reza Salehnejad - Innovation Management and PolicyReza SalehnejadLecturer in Business EconomicsDover Street
Veronica Sanchez romaguera - Innovation Management and PolicyVeronica Sanchez romagueraLecturer in Enterprise and Sustainability0161-3068483Roscoe Building - 5.16E
Philip Shapira - Innovation Management and PolicyPhilip ShapiraProfessor of Innovation Management and PolicyDenmark Building
Lynn Sheppard - Innovation Management and PolicyLynn SheppardDirector0161-3068486Roscoe Building
Alison Smith - Innovation Management and PolicyAlison SmithSenior Divisional AssistantDenmark Building
Jonathan Styles - Innovation Management and PolicyJonathan StylesSenior Lecturer in EnterpriseRoscoe Building
Karl Taeuscher - Innovation Management and PolicyKarl TaeuscherLecturer in Innovation & StrategyDenmark Building - 1.12
Abigail Tazzyman - Innovation Management and PolicyAbigail TazzymanResearch Associate.Crawford House
Bruce Tether - Innovation Management and PolicyBruce TetherProfessorHarold Hankins Building
Elvira Uyarra - Innovation Management and PolicyElvira UyarraReaderDenmark Building
Wendy Walker - Innovation Management and PolicyWendy WalkerResearch Support OfficerDenmark Building
Kieran Walshe - Innovation Management and PolicyKieran WalsheProfessor of Health Policy & Management0161-2753852Crawford House - 4.001
Lee Webster - Innovation Management and PolicyLee WebsterLecturer in Enterprise0161-2751933Roscoe Building - 5.14B
Trevor Wood-Harper - Innovation Management and PolicyTrevor Wood-HarperChair in Information Systems & Sysemic Change0161-3063339Alliance Manchester Business School - EAST-C6, MBSE