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Management Sciences and Marketing (MSM)

Research within the MSM Division is built around two groups: the Management Sciences Group and the Marketing Group.

Our research covers:

Marketing management and strategy
Consumer behaviour
Business informatics
Operations and supply chain management

Our staff publish in the top journals in these areas, some of which are: Journal of Marketing Research; Journal of Marketing; Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; Journal of Service Research; Journal of Product Innovation Management; Journal of Operations Management; European Journal of Operational Research; Production and Operations Management; IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics; Information Systems Journal; and Information & Management.

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Our centres

A world leading centre of research excellence in the areas of Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems.

Luis Araujo

"MSM researchers have a reputation for their innovative and problem-centred approach. They often work with industry executives to ensure research has a high impact for academics and practitioners as well as informing teaching across all AMBS programmes."

Luis Araujo

Management Sciences and Marketing


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Richard Allmendinger - Management Sciences and MarketingRichard AllmendingerSenior Lecturer in Decision Sciences, School Business Engagement Lead0161-3066598Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.017
Fatemeh Ameri - Management Sciences and MarketingFatemeh AmeriLecturer in Marketing0161-2756460Sackville Street Building - H6
Luis Araujo - Management Sciences and MarketingLuis AraujoProfessor of Marketing And Strategy0161-2756561Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.035
Emma Banister - Management Sciences and MarketingEmma BanisterSenior Lecturer in Marketing0161-2756327Alliance Manchester Business School
Jamie Burton - Management Sciences and MarketingJamie BurtonProfessor in Marketing and Research Director for the Customer Management Leadership Group0161-2756508Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.078
Simos Chari - Management Sciences and MarketingSimos ChariSenior Lecturer in Marketing Management & Strategy0161-2756427Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.127
Yu-wang Chen - Management Sciences and MarketingYu-wang ChenSenior Lecturer in Decision Sciences0161-2756345Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.074
Ilma Nur Chowdhury - Management Sciences and MarketingIlma Nur ChowdhuryLecturer/Assistant Professor in Marketing0161-3066597Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.096
Florian Dost - Management Sciences and MarketingFlorian DostSenior Lecturer in MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School - 3.077
Anna Goatman - Management Sciences and MarketingAnna GoatmanSenior Lecturer in MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School
Alexander Gunz - Management Sciences and MarketingAlexander GunzLecturer in Marketing0161-3065871Alliance Manchester Business School
Anders Gustafsson - Management Sciences and MarketingAnders GustafssonDistinguished Professorial Fellow
Julia Handl - Management Sciences and MarketingJulia HandlSenior Lecturer in Decision SciencesManchester Business School West
Magda Hassan - Management Sciences and MarketingMagda HassanLecturer0161-2756460Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.075
Hongwei He - Management Sciences and MarketingHongwei HeProfessor of MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.084
Christian Homburg - Management Sciences and MarketingChristian HomburgDistinguished Professorial Fellow
Fahian Huq - Management Sciences and MarketingFahian HuqSenior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management0161-2756484Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.043
Matti Jaakkola - Management Sciences and MarketingMatti JaakkolaSenior Lecturer in Marketing Management And Strategy0161-2756379Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.129
Charlie Li - Management Sciences and MarketingCharlie LiResearch AssociateSackville Street Building - G12B
Manuel Lopez-Ibanez - Management Sciences and MarketingManuel Lopez-IbanezSenior Lecturer0161-3068996Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.050
Bryan Lukas - Management Sciences and MarketingBryan LukasProfessor of Marketing0161-3062192Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.031
Nikolay Mehandjiev - Management Sciences and MarketingNikolay MehandjievProfessor of Enterprise Information SystemsAlliance Manchester Business School
Marzena Nieroda - Management Sciences and MarketingMarzena NierodaLecturer in MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School - 3.082
Courtney elizabeth Owens - Management Sciences and MarketingCourtney elizabeth OwensLecturer0161-2756482Alliance Manchester Business School - 7.013
Ali Owrak - Management Sciences and MarketingAli OwrakSenior Lecturer in Service Systems & Digital BusinessAlliance Manchester Business School
John Pal - Management Sciences and MarketingJohn PalSenior Lecturer in Retailing0161-2756549Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.085
Nadia Papamichail - Management Sciences and MarketingNadia PapamichailSenior Lecturer in Information & Decision SystemsAlliance Manchester Business School
Elle Perschke - Management Sciences and MarketingElle PerschkeKtp Associate (brand Marketing Manager)
Grigory Pishchulov - Management Sciences and MarketingGrigory PishchulovResearch Fellow0161-2756509Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.113
Antony Potter - Management Sciences and MarketingAntony PotterSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor)0161-2756466Sackville Street Building
Joao Quariguasi frota net - Management Sciences and MarketingJoao Quariguasi frota netChair in Operations Management0161-3068982Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.018
Qudamah Quboa - Management Sciences and MarketingQudamah QuboaResearch Associate0161-3063386Alliance Manchester Business School - 2.087
Asia Ramzan - Management Sciences and MarketingAsia RamzanResearch AssociateManchester Business School West - 3.033
Fatemeh Salehi - Management Sciences and MarketingFatemeh SalehiLecturer in Marketing0161-2756526Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.086
Pedro Sampaio - Management Sciences and MarketingPedro SampaioSenior LecturerAlliance Manchester Business School
Panagiotis Sarantopoulos - Management Sciences and MarketingPanagiotis SarantopoulosAssistant Professor of Marketing0161-2756423Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.076
Duncan Shaw - Management Sciences and MarketingDuncan ShawProfessor of Operations and Critical Systems0161-3063525Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.054
Christopher Smith - Management Sciences and MarketingChristopher SmithLecturerSackville Street Building
Tahir abbas Syed - Management Sciences and MarketingTahir abbas SyedLecturer in Management Sciences0161-3063460Manchester Business School West - 3.045
Ling Xu - Management Sciences and MarketingLing XuChair Professor of Decision Science and Systems0161-2750941Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.070
Jian-Bo Yang - Management Sciences and MarketingJian-Bo YangProfessor0161-3063427Alliance Manchester Business School
Judith Zolkiewski - Management Sciences and MarketingJudith ZolkiewskiProfessor of Marketing0161-3063470Alliance Manchester Business School - 3.083