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Management Sciences and Marketing (MSM)

Research within the MSM Division is built around two sub-divisional groupings - the Management Sciences Group and the Marketing Group - and four research groups: the Consumption & Society Research Cluster (CSRC); the Customer Management Leadership Group (CMLG); the Business Informatics Research Group (BIRG); and the Operations and Supply Chain Management group (OSCMG).

The Management Sciences Group is in turn comprised of three areas: Business Informatics, Decision and Cognitive Sciences, and Operations Management.

Our staff publish in the top journals in these areas including: Journal of Operations Management; European Journal of Operational Research; Production and Operations Management; IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics; Information Systems Journal; Information & Management; and Journal of Service Research.

Highly cited

Some of our papers are among the most highly cited in their disciplines, while we also publish in high impact journals in other disciplinary areas including: Research Policy; Tourism Management; Journal of Product Innovation Management; and Global Environmental Change.

Our staff frequently attract large research grants and have recently received large research grants from the European Commission, EPSRC, the UK government, and the Natural Science Foundation of China. They also chair and participate in high impact committees within the European Commission, the United Nations, The International Standards Organisation, and the UK government, as well as in other international non-governmental organisations.


We teach a wide range of modules around the three areas at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels, taking our research into the classroom to build relevant teaching materials that take students into a real-world context to apply management sciences theories. Our burgeoning PhD community also reflects the breadth of our academic interests, and most students are working on client-facing projects of theoretical importance.

Our centres

A world leading centre of research excellence in the areas of Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems.

Luis Araujo

"MSM researchers have a reputation for their innovative and problem-centred approach. They often work with industry executives to ensure research has a high impact for academics and practitioners as well as informing teaching across all AMBS programmes."

Luis Araujo

Management Sciences and Marketing

Richard Allmendinger - Management Sciences and MarketingRichard AllmendingerStaff0161-3066598Alliance Manchester Business School - EAST-F27
Fatemeh Ameri - Management Sciences and MarketingFatemeh AmeriLecturer in Marketing0161-2756460Sackville Street Building - H6
Luis Araujo - Management Sciences and MarketingLuis AraujoProfessor of Marketing And Strategy0161-2756561Sackville Street Building - H20
Emma Banister - Management Sciences and MarketingEmma BanisterSenior Lecturer in Marketing0161-2756327Sackville Street Building
Jamie Burton - Management Sciences and MarketingJamie BurtonProfessor in Marketing and Research Director for the Customer Management Leadership Group0161-2756508Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.078
John Byrom - Management Sciences and MarketingJohn ByromMarketingSackville Street Building
Simos Chari - Management Sciences and MarketingSimos ChariSenior Lecturer in Marketing Management & Strategy0161-2756427Sackville Street Building - G14
Yu-wang Chen - Management Sciences and MarketingYu-wang ChenSenior Lecturer in Decision Sciences0161-2756345Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.074
Ilma Nur Chowdhury - Management Sciences and MarketingIlma Nur ChowdhuryLecturer/Assistant Professor in Marketing0161-3066597Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-ROOM 3.096
Paul Cousins - Management Sciences and MarketingPaul CousinsHonorary Professor of Operations ManagementSackville Street Building
Charles Cui - Management Sciences and MarketingCharles CuiSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor)0161-3063461Sackville Street Building
James Freeman - Management Sciences and MarketingJames FreemanHonorary FellowAlliance Manchester Business School
Shahla Ghobadi - Management Sciences and MarketingShahla GhobadiLecturer in Enterprise Information Systems0161-3063497Sackville Street Building - G15
Anna Goatman - Management Sciences and MarketingAnna GoatmanSenior Lecturer in MarketingSackville Street Building
Alexander Gunz - Management Sciences and MarketingAlexander GunzLecturer in Marketing0161-3065871Alliance Manchester Business School
Daniel Hampson - Management Sciences and MarketingDaniel HampsonStaff
Julia Handl - Management Sciences and MarketingJulia HandlSenior Lecturer in Decision SciencesAlliance Manchester Business School
Magda Hassan - Management Sciences and MarketingMagda HassanLecturerAlliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.075
Hongwei He - Management Sciences and MarketingHongwei HeProfessor of MarketingSackville Street Building - G14
Fahian Huq - Management Sciences and MarketingFahian HuqLecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management0161-2756484Sackville Street Building - G30A
Matti Jaakkola - Management Sciences and MarketingMatti JaakkolaSenior Lecturer in Marketing Management And Strategy0161-2756379Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.129
Charlie Li - Management Sciences and MarketingCharlie LiResearch AssociateSackville Street Building - G12B
Zhiyuan Lin - Management Sciences and MarketingZhiyuan LinLecturer0161-3063475Manchester Business School West
Manuel Lopez-Ibanez - Management Sciences and MarketingManuel Lopez-IbanezSenior Lecturer0161-3068996Alliance Manchester Business School - EAST-F29
Bryan Lukas - Management Sciences and MarketingBryan LukasProfessor0161-3062192Sackville Street Building - H20
Nikolay Mehandjiev - Management Sciences and MarketingNikolay MehandjievProfessor of Enterprise Information SystemsSackville Street Building
Mostafa Mohamad - Management Sciences and MarketingMostafa MohamadLecturer of Information and Innovation SystemsHarold Hankins Building - 10.09
Marzena Nieroda - Management Sciences and MarketingMarzena NierodaLecturer in MarketingAlliance Manchester Business School - WEST-ROOM 3.082
Courtney elizabeth Owens - Management Sciences and MarketingCourtney elizabeth OwensLecturer0161-2756482Manchester Business School East - D5
Ali Owrak - Management Sciences and MarketingAli OwrakLecturerSackville Street Building
John Pal - Management Sciences and MarketingJohn PalSenior Lecturer in Retailing0161-2756549Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-ROOM 3.085
Nadia Papamichail - Management Sciences and MarketingNadia PapamichailSenior Lecturer in Information & Decision SystemsAlliance Manchester Business School
Elle Perschke - Management Sciences and MarketingElle PerschkeBrand Marketing Manager (ktp Associate)
Grigory Pishchulov - Management Sciences and MarketingGrigory PishchulovResearch Fellow0161-2756509Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.113
Antony Potter - Management Sciences and MarketingAntony PotterSenior Lecturer (Associate Professor)0161-2756466Sackville Street Building
Joao Quariguasi frota net - Management Sciences and MarketingJoao Quariguasi frota netChair in Operations Management0161-3068982Sackville Street Building - G30
Qudamah Quboa - Management Sciences and MarketingQudamah QuboaResearch AssociateManchester Business School West - 2.087
Fatemeh Salehi - Management Sciences and MarketingFatemeh SalehiLecturer in Marketing0161-2756526Sackville Street Building - G16
Pedro Sampaio - Management Sciences and MarketingPedro SampaioSenior LecturerSackville Street Building
Panagiotis Sarantopoulos - Management Sciences and MarketingPanagiotis SarantopoulosAssistant Professor of Marketing0161-2756423Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.076
Duncan Shaw - Management Sciences and MarketingDuncan ShawProfessor of Operations and Critical Systems0161-3063525Sackville Street Building - H24
Christopher Smith - Management Sciences and MarketingChristopher SmithLecturerSackville Street Building
Tahir abbas Syed - Management Sciences and MarketingTahir abbas SyedLecturer in Management Sciences0161-3063460Sackville Street Building - G20
Charalampos Babis Theodoulidis - Management Sciences and MarketingCharalampos Babis TheodoulidisSenior Lecturer in Information Management0161-3063309Sackville Street Building - G25
Sara Willis - Management Sciences and MarketingSara WillisLecturer in Organisational PsychologyAlliance Manchester Business School
Ling Xu - Management Sciences and MarketingLing XuChair Professor of Decision Science and Systems0161-2750941Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.070
Jian-Bo Yang - Management Sciences and MarketingJian-Bo YangProfessor0161-3063427Alliance Manchester Business School
Judith Zolkiewski - Management Sciences and MarketingJudith ZolkiewskiProfessor of Marketing0161-3063470Alliance Manchester Business School - WEST-3.083