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Negotiation Skills

How to reach great outcomes


day programme

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Delivered in Dubai

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For professionals from any sector


Every day, we negotiate with a wide range of stakeholders - from customers, suppliers and stakeholders to family, friends and even ourselves. However, negotiation skills are often overlooked by professionals.

Whether we are purchasing a new car, getting a salary increase or working the supply chain, many of us rely on our sense of fairness or gut instinct to get a good deal. How do great negotiators achieve their desired outcomes?

Negotiation Skills provides the insights, frameworks and practices you need to enter a negotiating environment with confidence. By improving your skills at the negotiating table, you will become more successful in your role and directly influence your organisation in a positive way.

  • Highly interactive, two-day programme in Dubai
  • Designed for those with little or no prior negotiating experience or training
  • Process-driven approach
  • Focuses on practical negotiation exercises that vary in complexity and build on each other
  • Employs the latest thinking in negotiation skills from Alliance MBS experts across different sectors and industries

At the end of this two-day programme you will:

  • Understand the key components that drive all negotiations
  • Appreciate your own strengths and be able to identify areas requiring modification
  • Know how to plan, lead and achieve great outcomes in any negotiation
  • Be inspired by and connected with Alliance MBS experts and fellow participants, taking home learnings from their personal and professional experiences and challenges
  • Be confident when speaking about and utilising negotiation tools and techniques
  • Understand how influence and persuasion play a role in achieving great negotiation outcomes
  • Be part of The University of Manchester's thriving Middle East alumni community: a source of lifelong connections and continued professional development

Our approach

This two-day programme will:

  • Provide you will a five-step process that is applicable to every negotiation
  • Systematically take you through each of the five steps, showing you which tools and tactics are appropriate at each stage
  • Introduce you to the concept of information asymmetry, which is of fundamental importance in negotiation


We will provide you with a five-step process that can be used in any negotiation. It promotes deals that allow maximum value creation, through the systematic reduction in information asymmetry.


You will learn how to apply methods and tactics to any negotiation, and how to select teams with the potential to achieve great outcomes (even when they operate from a position of perceived weakness).

Personal outcome

We will challenge your preconceived notions and you will receive feedback on how to modify your personal approach to achieve great outcomes.

How will I learn?

  • Real-life case studies to illustrate the practical application of the process
  • Analysis of a filmed group negotiation
  • Individual negotiation practices
  • Virtual learning environment to support the practical learning



  • Read Harvard Business Review documents on Negotiation Essentials
  • Study NSK video pack
  • Complete a questionnaire on previous negotiation training, team selection and processes within your own organisation

Day one

  • Welcome
  • The Process of Negotiation: Preparation template
  • Two case studies: ‘The Cost of Poor Preparation’ & ‘Supply Chain’
  • Prepare group negotiation case
  • Group negotiation exercise (filmed)
  • Review pre-programme questionnaires

Day two

  • Recap on day one
  • Video feedback on group negotiation exercise
  • Case Study: 'Company Sale'
  • Negotiation masterclass
  • Your pledge and action plan: What changes do you think need to be made to your company processes?

Four weeks later

  • Send a report on changes (that have been made or discussed) to the negotiation process within your own company

Programme leader

Malcolm Smith, Programme Leader - Negotiation Skills

Malcolm Smith, BSc (Hons) Applied Physics, AMCA

Malcolm Smith is an Honorary Professor at Alliance Manchester Business School teaching Negotiation Skills, Venture Capital and Private Equity to MBA students and executives. He spent 35 years in corporate life, many in large-scale private companies owned by entrepreneurs. He was the CEO of an international business with a turnover of $1Bn for ten years and has worked in both the East and West. Malcolm entered Private Equity as a turnaround CEO and has enjoyed over ten years in the Venture Capital sector as an investor and non-exec director, alongside his business activities.

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“Negotiation Skills is packed with the most advanced negotiation training with input from impressive professional negotiators. It is not full of theory but rather focuses on application throughout. Real-life case studies are a core aspect of the course and make it an extremely applied learning experience. If you want to transform your negotiation skills this is certainly the course for you."

Brian Meagher, Project Manager, BESIX, UAE