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Adapt a course

The Executive Education team has worked with organisations creating tailored programmes for more than 50 years, our experience in delivering a wide range of solutions means that we are able to adapt any of these to meet your exact business needs.

Whether you are looking to transform the way one person works, inspire a group to think differently or drive change across a whole organisation we can find the perfect solution for you.

You may be looking to support a number of people or teams in your organisation by developing an on-going training plan for them.


You may like the look of one or more of our open management development programmes, we can work with you to tailor them to meet your specific business requirements and deliver in-house.


You may also identify a development need that we have worked on previously with other organisations; we can bring to you our existing framework and adapt it to your exact development needs.

Whatever your needs we will have a solution. Our client development team can work closely with you to identify the right Alliance MBS leadership and management courses for your employees and design a solution that supports your talent pipeline.

The Process

You don’t need to create a bespoke course to get a bespoke service.

You can choose to adapt our core programmes to help you achieve your objectives.

Our experts will work with you to define your exact training and development needs and ensure that, whichever programmes you choose, the content reflects the challenges and your individual and organisational goals.



The Benefits

What your delegates learn on their course can be directly applied in the workplace, helping to inspire others, create a sense of shared leadership and drive change across the organisation immediately.

Benefits to employers:

  • Inspires delegates, bringing new ideas and a global perspective to the organisation
  • Offers tailored solutions to business issues, building on our research expertise
  • Promotes culture change and a collaborative approach leading to stronger internal networks
  • Motivates and incentivises staff
  • Helps retain the best employees
  • Provides flexibility in delivery, minimising workplace disruption
  • Helps develop teams, using the tools, techniques and ideas their manager brings back to the workplace
  • Opens doors to further collaboration with Alliance Manchester Business school

Benefits to delegates:

  • Inspires new ideas and ways of working
  • Gives time away to think about working on the business, not just in the business
  • Helps transition to a new role or department
  • Provides on-going professional development  and opportunities for career progression
  • Offers excellent networking opportunities during and after the programme
  • Provides a practical toolkit to boost business and personal performance
  • Enhances understanding of the bigger business picture
  • Suited to different styles of learning , ensuring delegates get the most from a programme
  • Begin a lifelong connection with Alliance MBS as a part of our Executive Education Network, keeping you up-to-date with regular news and events, discounts on future Executive Education courses and a free annual conference sharing the latest in business thinking and research.

The Team

We choose Alliance MBS experts with specific knowledge and experience that matches your requirements, and ensure they can deliver the right programme in a way that suits you – however you prefer to learn and wherever you’re located.

We guarantee one point of contact throughout your programme to listen to feedback, resolve any issues, continually review content and delivery, and ensure your programme meets its objectives.

Our highly experienced administration team ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, from booking hotels to sending out joining instructions to organising social events, to make your Alliance MBS experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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MSc Management Practice

Senior leader apprenticeships

The MSc Management Practice is a blended leadership programme accessible through the apprenticeship levy. Senior managers develop their strategic leadership skills over two years through a MSc qualification that can be adapted to reflect your organisational needs. Designed and delivered by internationally renowned business academics the programme gives delegates access to the latest commercial expertise that can be applied to their business to support performance and long-term sustainability. Up to 100% funding is available for this programme as well as the option for delegates to gain Chartered Manager or Chartered Fellow recognition from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

MSc Management Practice

BT case study

BT logo case study

Continuous improvement joint programme for organisations

The Continuous Improvement Programme has been developed in an alliance which brings together BT’s proven operational experience of delivering enterprise-wide transformation, with Alliance Manchester Business School’s original thinking.

The Continuous Improvement Programme

International Nuclear Services

International Nuclear Services logo

International Nuclear Services

International Nuclear Services Limited (INS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and has extensive and proven expertise in irradiated fuel management and nuclear material transportation. INS’s Head of HR, Nicola Bacon, attended the course along with two colleagues and the programme now forms part of the organisation’s management development initiative.

Case study International Nuclear Services