Intermediate Management Achievement Course

The Intermediate Management Achievement Course or IMAC is a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 accredited course specifically designed to establish senior non-commissioned officers, warrant officers, with the skills needed for a new career move into non-military organisations.

Previous participants on the course now have thriving careers in areas as diverse as not-for-profit organisations, commercial businesses and consultancy.

The highly regarded programme examines key business themes to prepare you with a full picture of the operational business environment. Each session is practical and interactive with a blend of lectures, workshops and discussion forums.

You will gain confidence, an understanding of the language of business and the management tools to take the next step in your career. IMAC provides the knowledge, hands on expertise and relevant experience of the ever-changing business world, essential to make career transition a success.

The Benefits

You will leave the programme with:

  • An in-depth understanding of business operations
  • Effective communication skills in the non-military business environment
  • An appreciation of marketing in both service and industrial contexts
  • The ability to comprehend and use financial data
  • The experience of cutting edge thinking of business experts
  • The confidence to follow a management career

The programme offers long-term benefits for individuals, organisations and communities and promotes a lifelong connection with Alliance MBS.

The Delegates

All the delegates on EMC have military careers, whether they are still serving or have recently left the forces.

EMC is specifically designed to support the ranks of:

ArmyRoyal Air ForceRoyal Navy
Warrant Officer
Class 1
Warrant Officer
Class 2
Staff Sergeant

Warrant Officer
Flight Sergeant /
Chief Technician

Fleet Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer

Limited places are available for less senior non-commissioned officers with ILM or CMI Certificate Level 5 accreditation.

The Programme

The programme examines key business themes to prepare delegates with a full picture of the operational business environment.

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Week one:

Overview of basic concepts within operational business environment.

  • Financial accounting
  • Strategic management
  • Developing operational performance
  • Marketing

Week two:

Further development and understanding of the application by business leaders.

  • Economic background
  • Human resource management
  • Business management

Programme table

Operational Management

  • The theory and practice of operational quality
  • Insights into performance measurement
  • An overview of business design and control
  • Aspects of project management Financial and management accounts
  • Key concepts in understanding finance: income and expenditure accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements
  • Financial evaluation of companies utilising methods for analysing company accounts
  • Analysis of financial information used by management

Business management

  • Business site visit (to an off-site business organisation)
  • Overview of the legal, tax and financial framework
  • Introduction into the world of small business
  • Development of the business planning process
  • The dynamics of change management
  • Business simulation – “bringing it all together” – linking operational and strategic management

Current business topics

  • A look at current topics such as creativity and corporate innovation
  • The nature of the strategic business environment
  • An introduction to the concept of strategic analysis and relevant frameworks that can be used to develop strategic understanding
  • The development of strategies and concepts
  • The implementation of strategy



  • The macro-economic background - an introduction to the economic and commercial system of the UK
  • An understanding of marketing concepts
  • An introduction to marketing strategies
  • An understanding of the impact of marketing in action
  • Customer service marketing


Human resources

  • Key issues that need to be understood in relation to human resource management both in the legal and performance related contexts
  • Negotiating the package - contract issues

The teaching style is open and proactive with a mixture of lectures, tutorials, case studies, group work and research time.

All participants have computer access for research and membership of the Alliance MBS Library is also provided.

The Team

Alliance Manchester Business School has some of the most highly-regarded experts in business management. By working closely with industry, the team can solve real problems, predict future trends and drive change in business and management.

Our highly experienced team ensures everything about your programme runs smoothly and your Alliance MBS experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Our Experts - Lucy Daly
Dr Lucy Daly
Programme Director

Our Team - Joanne Cherry
Joanne Cherry
Programme Co-ordinator

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Nearly 3,000 officers since 1993

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Sean Kibbler testimonial
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"I was informed about EMC through my resettlement and education department. Having been a senior manager within the Royal Marines, I was keen to develop the skills I had already acquired and transfer them into a civilian role. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to enhance their management qualifications and status."

Sean Kibbler - IMAC (Previously known as EMC - Enterprise Management Course)

Previous role: Colour Sergeant, Current role: Project / Operations Manager

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