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Strategy Essentials

Our Strategy Essentials course draws on the very latest thinking in business strategy. Over the three days with us you will focus on becoming competitively aware, making sense of the strategy jargon and figuring out how to approach the challenges you face whilst remaining agile in a competitive market place.

You will work through the key skills and understanding needed to improve your strategic insight, analysis and implementation.

We blend together all aspects of Executive Education at Alliance MBS to create a highly interactive course that meets the challenges of today’s complex, fast-moving business world.

This course is an excellent opportunity to make a difference personally, within your team and your organisation. By giving three days of your time you will understand how to more clearly focus on your strategic outlook, enabling you to stay ahead of the game – and it marks the start of a lifelong connection with Alliance MBS.

The Benefits


Provides the opportunity to get away from day-to-day busyness and firefighting and to focus on what is coming over the horizon. Short, sharp, concentrated bursts of learning offer maximum exposure, experience and impact with minimum disruption to working life.


Open programme attracts a wide range of industries, sectors, backgrounds and personalities meaning delegates can learn from, challenge and support each other.


Helps you make sense of the jargon and figure out how to take on the challenges you face. By becoming more strategic in your approach, you'll get to know your business and your market better and be equipped to take a fresh approach to strategy in your team and organisation.


Uniquely designed to support different learning styles with a combination of expert commentary, peer learning and reflection.


Our Open Space activity personalises your experience and enables you to figure out the next steps and how to put them into action.


Each session is facilitated by leading business academics and researchers with a wealth of experience in delivering Executive Education programmes to professional cohorts.


Programme delivers both individual and organisational benefits and promotes a lifelong connection with Alliance MBS through our Executive Education Network.

The Delegates

This programme is for people who are looking to make the next step in their career and want to prepare themselves for the future, whether that’s taking on additional responsibility within an organisation or taking their own business forward. Anyone coming on this programme would expect to focus on what’s coming next and what you need to do to prepare yourself, your team and your organisation.

A typical delegate may be:

  • Moving from middle to senior management
  • Required to think and work more strategically
  • Moving into a different part of an organisation
  • Looking to start a business
  • Owner of a growing, independent business.

The Programme

Before you join us, you will access our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to complete a short pre-read. This sets the context for the programme and the rationale about why strategy matters, helping you get in the right mindset before the programme starts.

Over the three days you will explore fresh models, tools and techniques for improved strategic insight, analysis and implementation that will help you in your personal and organisational objectives. Each day tackles the stages you need to work through to focus on your organisational strategy.

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While you are with us you will also learn and share ideas and insights with delegates from different sectors, industries and geographies.

You'll leave with accessible, informative and tailored reading around the shared themes discovered by your group. This will help you as you begin to implement what you've learnt on the programme in your own organisation.

The Team

Alliance MBS has some of the most highly-regarded experts in business management that have inspired and influence many of today’s great business leaders.

Our experienced and approachable team ensures everything about your programme runs smoothly. From booking on to the course to your post programme coaching sessions, they aim to make your experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Our Team - Emma Farnworth
Emma Farnworth
Programme Manager

Our Experts - Paul Evans
Dr Paul Evans

Lecturer in Business Analytics

Our Experts - Irene Roele
Irene Roele
Fellow in Executive Education


Key features

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Real life case-studies and simulations

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Fresh models, tools and techniques

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Open Space

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Godfrey Owen - Chief Executive, Brathay Trust

"It gave me time away from the business to think about Brathay and how we can improve our approach to thinking about and implementing strategy."

Godfrey Owen - Chief Executive, Brathay Trust

Strategy Essentials


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