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Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme is fully accredited and designed to develop high-level people management skills and world-class business acumen to prepare you for the demands of senior leadership in today's NHS.

If, as a mid-level leader, you’re aspiring to take on a more senior role while, at the same time, looking to have a wider impact by leading a culture of compassion, then this programme, inspired by the inspirational and visionary leader Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, is ideal for you.

It will equip you with the confidence to challenge the status quo and drive real and lasting change to improve the patient experience. The design of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme allows participants to bring real, immediate change within their workplace helping to lead a culture of compassion that directly impacts upon the patient experience. Participants report improved resilience, greater confidence and empowerment.

The programme leads to an NHS Leadership Academy award in Senior Healthcare Leadership and an MSc in Healthcare Leadership.

The Benefits

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme:

  • Helps you progress in the NHS by immersing you in innovative and intensive leadership development
  • Improves your personal impact
  • Builds your capability with the latest thinking and learning from world-class healthcare experts
  • Helps you make an immediate and tangible difference to your workplace
  • Helps you build a powerful regional and national support network within the Healthcare system
  • Applies cutting edge learning methods that shape around you
  • Is fully supported every step of the way, with a high level of support from your tutor, your learning set and online, through the user-friendly virtual campus
  • Gives you access to global experts in healthcare and business
  • Is co-created with National Voices to ensure a focus on patient feedback

The Delegates

The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme is demanding and, as you’d expect, we have criteria for participants. You should be: 

  • In the first two years of a senior management position or aspire to be there in the next two years
  • Aspiring to lead or already be leading large complex projects, departments, services or systems of care
  • Already leading teams of service leaders, complex services and systems of care without any formal leadership development. Or, a newly-appointed clinical lead or clinical director without prior formal leadership development training
  • Hold a good UK Honours degree, an equivalent professional qualification or over three years’ relevant experience leading teams or services. All applications will be considered on individual merit and you do not need a degree to be successful.

This programme provides the skills and capabilities for leaders from all backgrounds, clinical and non-clinical, to create a more capable and compassionate healthcare system. The programme is designed to holistically develop the knowledge, skills, expertise, attitudes and behaviours to support each participant in leading teams to create tangible and positive performance improvement at the front line.

The Programme

The programme structure is based around seven learning outcomes that will improve care quality and the patient experience. We focus on leadership impact at three levels: individual, team and organisation.

There are eight modules:

Module 1: Focuses on self - working with you to critically evaluate your current leadership practice and examining how this affects the quality of care for a diverse range of patients.

Module 2: Focuses on teams - working with you to develop a clear understanding of your team; focusing on effective team working.

Module 3: Focuses on the organisation - helping you understand the broader context for your services, align organisational values and identify how you can improve the quality of care and patient experience.

Module 4: Building on from Module 3 - focuses strategically on decision-making to ensure quality, efficiency and effectiveness e.g. reducing waste and duplication; and increasing shared resources across system boundaries.

Module 5: Builds on Module 2 - working with your team leaders to build team efficacy and personal accountability; creating an engaging learning culture; developing openness and resilience, and helping them do the same with their teams.

Module 6: Builds on Module 1 - further evaluating how your leadership practices affect patient care through an intense focus on your leadership behaviours and their congruence with patient, staff and organisational needs.

Module 7: Preparing you for your healthcare leadership case study: learning how to collect and analyse information through different theoretical lenses, and how these lenses affect your wider world-view and subsequent actions as a leader.

Module 8: Completing your healthcare leadership case study where you critically evaluate how care, diverse patient experience and involvement has improved as a result of your learning and actions

Key features

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