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The Manchester Leadership Development Programme

The Manchester Leadership Development Programme is a carefully designed management and leadership course for ambitious business professionals looking to reflect on the way you work and eager to take on new challenges for yourself and your organisation.

It combines the impact of a tailored training course with the flexibility and collaboration of an open programme to make a lasting difference to both you and your organisation. The programme pulls together all aspects of Executive Education at Alliance MBS to create a uniquely personalised open course that meets the demanding needs and ambitions of today’s global business professionals – and it marks the start of a lifelong connection with Alliance MBS.

The format of the programme has been designed to reflect the way in which people learn best – in short, focused bursts with plenty of practical activities and group work. The content focuses on the three most important themes for success at work:

- Leadership - of self, teams and the organisation
- Strategy - gaining strategic insight to ensure commercial survival
- Commercial excellence - effective commercially driven decision-making and practice

You’ll leave with an understanding of and key skills in all three themes as well as a thorough insight into how you work best, ready to take on the next stage of your developing career.

The Benefits


Short, sharp, concentrated bursts of learning that offer maximum exposure, experience and impact with minimum disruption to working life.


Open programme attracts a wide range of industries, sectors, backgrounds, personalities and leadership styles meaning delegates can learn from, challenge and support each other.


Everyone gets exactly what they need from the programme with varied interblock activities and personal coaching.


The emphasis on one-to-one coaching, self-awareness and active goal-setting ensures both professional development and personal growth.


Uniquely designed to support different learning styles with a combination of classroom sessions, peer learning, coaching and online support - all shaped by everyone on the course.


The Manchester Method of ‘learning by doing’ makes sure theory can immediately be put into practice.


On-going interaction before, during and after the programme ensures knowledge and skills are fully embedded and allows for future development needs.


Content draws on Alliance MBS’s international research and work in global centres, as well as partnerships with organisations across the world.


Each session is facilitated by leading business experts and researchers with a wealth of experience in delivering Executive Education programmes to professional cohorts.


Programme offers long-term benefits for individuals, organisations and communities and promotes a lifelong connection with Alliance MBS.

The Delegates

If you are looking to make the next step in your career and want to prepare yourself for the future, this is a great course for you. Whether it’s taking on additional responsibility within an organisation or taking your own business forward this programme will give you the skills and confidence to ensure you are ready to be a great leader.

You may be:

  • Moving from middle to senior management
  • Required to think and work more strategically
  • Taking on more people or teams
  • Moving into a different part of an organisation
  • Looking to start or expand a business.

The Programme

The six-month course consists of 3x3 day residential blocks followed by flexible five week long interblocks.

Residential blocks

These give you face to face intensive learning from our team of business experts. They feature a range of focused, challenging and participative activities looking at the three most important themes for success at work: Leadership, Strategy and Commercial Excellence


Between each three day residential block, you will log on to short online sessions delivered through the Programme Website. Each cohort of delegates watches a webinar around a specific theme in advance of a live question and answer session with our subject experts. These ensure the learning continues even while you’re not with us and gives you the opportunity to practice, discuss and reflect on what you’ve learned with your fellow delegates and Alliance MBS academics.

View the format (PDF)

The design and delivery selects from all aspects of executive Education at Alliance MBS to ensure the Manchester Leadership Development Programme makes a difference to you and your organisation.

Applied Learning Challenges (ALC)

A live business challenge to which you will apply the theories, models, tools and techniques from the programme.

Learning Trios

Groups of three people who have identified similar issues for your Applied Learning Challenge. Together you will support, test and develop solutions to your ALC.

Internal Mentors and External Coaching

An internal mentor from your organisation helps to drive sustainable change when you get back.

One-to-one coaching gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into the issues you identify as important to you during the residential blocks, helping you get the most from the programme, for both you and your organisation.

Team bonding events and inspirational speakers ensure you strengthen your network while you are on the programme and you receive an annual invitation back to the business school for our Executive Education Network Conference.

The Team

Alliance Manchester Business School has some of the most highly-regarded experts in business management. By working closely with industry, the team can solve real problems, predict future trends and drive change in business and management.

Our highly experienced team ensures everything about your programme runs smoothly. From booking on to the course to your post programme executive coaching sessions, they aim to make your Alliance MBS experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Our Team - Emma Farnworth
Emma Farnworth
Programme Manager

Our Experts - Nick Clifford
Dr Nick Clifford
Programme Director and Senior Fellow in Executive Education

Our Experts - Mark Batey
Dr Mark Batey

Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

Our Experts - Irene Roele
Irene Roele

Fellow in Executive Education

Our Experts - Dr Eunice Maytorena-Sanchez
Dr Eunice Maytorena-Sanchez
Lecturer in Project Management

Our Experts - David Lowe
Dr David Lowe

Senior Lecturer in Commercial Management

Our Team - Jill Ingham
Dr Jill Ingham

Open Programme Business Development Manager


Key features

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Sheena Bedi testimonial

Sheena Bedi - CEO, ABL Health - Manchester Leadership Development Programme

"Whilst I got the tools around strategic thinking, commercial acumen and leadership to take back into the business, the thing that I learnt the most was that it was OK to be me."

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Martin Cook

Sheena Bedi - CEO, ABL Health - Manchester Leadership Development Programme

"I have seen Martin become more reflective and considered in his approach since attending the programme and use his influence with his colleagues for the good of business wide improvements."

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