MSc Corporate Communications and Reputation Management

Gain vital communication skills for a world where organisations are under increasing public scrutiny.

Learn the skills to protect a company's corporate reputation and send out the right messages to their audiences. As a graduate of the course you will be prepared for a career in corporate communications, public relations consultancy or in managing corporate brands.

MSc Corporate Communications and Reputation Management / Course details

Year of entry: 2017

Course description

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In a world where organisations are under increasing public scrutiny, protecting a company's corporate reputation and sending out the right messages are vital for survival. Gain a career in corporate communications, public relations consultancy or in managing corporate brands.

From corporate social responsibility to crisis management, communication is becoming an increasingly major part of business strategy and a growing area of employment.  Using the latest research and details of current best practice, you learn how to manage relationships with key stakeholders, including employees, and promote a positive corporate reputation.

Communication specialists who can take a strategic view of business are in high demand and those with a thorough understanding of current communication technology are in short supply. We help to meet that demand by giving you a unique experience combining advanced knowledge of up-to-the-minute communication skills and techniques with case studies and practical examples of best practice. You graduate equipped with analytical tools which can be used across all sectors and will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We have worked to build a course that is tailored to enhance your ability in the job market.  We specifically aim to develop an experience that comprises curriculum content, student interaction and building relationships with members of faculty to equip you with the analytical tools and instruments that will allow you to be at the forefront in the marketplace. 

Coursework and assessment

You will be assessed by a combination of group assessment and presentations, course work, case study report, assignments, individual essay and examination. The dissertation is normally between 15,000 and 25,000 words.

Course unit details

The course consists of both compulsory and optional taught units. Compulsory course units include: 

  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Reputation Management
  • Organisational Communication
  • Marketing and Communications Professional Analytics

Optional course units include: 

  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis Management
  • Customer Experience Management and Relationship Marketing
  • Digital Technologies for Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing Communications and Advertising
  • Relationship Marketing and Customer Experience Management
  • Retail Marketing
  • Services Marketing

Disability support

Practical support and advice for current students and applicants is available from the Disability Advisory and Support Service. Email:
Testimonial Fiona Nasari
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"My classmates are different nationalities which has given me the opportunity to learn about interesting cultures. This is crucial for me to understand my clients and stakeholders better when I become a public relations practitioner."

Fiona Nazari, Malaysia

MSc Corporate Communications and Reputation Management, Class of 2016

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