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The Manchester Management Development Programme Dubai

Your opportunity to shine


day programme

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Tailored to the Middle East

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Delivered in Dubai

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For 'managers in transition' from any sector


The modern business world demands agility, flexibility and collaboration across boundaries.

The Manchester Management Development Programme helps talented, ambitious managers make the transition to be the senior leaders of tomorrow. No matter what industry, sector or geography you come from, this three-day programme will help you grow, move out of your comfort zone and gain the skills and knowledge you need to take on new challenges and roles.

We have designed the Manchester Manchester Development Programme with Middle Eastern business culture in mind, applying significant experience and expertise in international business. The programme covers a range of issues that are especially important when doing business in the Middle East.

Who should attend?

The Manchester Management Development Programme is designed to support 'managers in transition'. You could be transitioning from:

  • Supervision in a narrow specialism to general management
  • An operational role to translating and implementing vision and strategy
  • Functional competence to designing tomorrow's organisation
  • One career to another

MMDP delegates

Programme team

Dr Nick Clifford

Dr Nick Clifford

Nick is a senior fellow at Alliance MBS specialising in executive education for a broad range of clients. Nick’s early career included retail management in London and he then turned towards urban and regional planning. He joined Alliance Manchester Business School in 2000 and has subsequently been appointed a Senior Fellow in the School.

Professor Arun Singh, OBE FRSA

Professor Arun Singh, OBE FRSA

Arun is a corporate educator, company board director and executive associate of Alliance Manchester Business School. With over 25 years’ experience, he works as a non-executive director, leading international business lawyer, visiting professor (at UK and international universities and business schools), and senior government advisor.

Programme themes

  • A better me: Greater individual confidence and knowledge around leadership
  • See the whole situation: Stronger skills in strategic thinking 
  • Make a difference: Think and act to achieve real change
  • Opportunity To Shine (OTS): Apply your learning to practical situations on the ground. You will work through a personal and organisational problem and leave with a coherent plan of action for change.

Male delegate

Programme agenda

The Manchester Management Development Programme concentrates your learning across three days. You will answer the ten key questions that all ambitious managers should ask themselves. We'll make sure you leave with a clear action plan and the confidence, knowledge and skills you might need to achieve it.

  • Complete the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator – an internationally-used psychometric instrument) questionnaire
  • Pre-read a case
  • Pre-work on OTS
  • Produce your 'pen profile'
  • Sign into the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment

Where have I come from?

  • MBTI introduction, results, discussion and ideas

Introduction to the OTS model

  • Working in small groups to develop ideas for further implementation

Where am I now?

  • Mapping and managing stakeholders
  • Managing risk and uncertainty
  • Understanding negotiating
  • Working within strong organisational hierarchies

Where am I going? How will I get there?

  • Understanding strategic thinking & diagnosis of market  and industry forces
  • Cross-cultural and international working
  • Implementing strategic thinking into a coherent strategy 
  • Key components of successful strategies
  • Good project planning

How can I change things?

  • Understanding the nature of change theory and change management

What do I need from others? What do I need to be in command of? Who do I need to get on board?

  • Engaging with others
  • Generating the confidence to ask the right questions
  • Ensuring the real challenges are being addressed
  • Understanding building and leading teams
  • Building confidence in negotiating

What will I do next week?

  • Planning for success
  • Identifying your signature story that underlines your strengths and capabilities 
  • Managing expectations
  • Measuring success
  • Making a real difference
  • Planning your return to work


Female delegate

"The teaching was really good, the lecturers were just excellent in whatever they did and I would recommend it to anybody.”

Helen Mitchell, Assistant Director, UK Dept. for Business, Industry & Skills