Undergraduate tuition fees and scholarships

If you've got the ability, we believe that finance shouldn't be a barrier to you studying with us.

That’s why we've invested in one of the most generous financial support packages in the UK. Approximately a third of all our students will receive bursaries of up to £2,500 per year - and many will receive more.

Tuition fees

Joining us in 2017? Ensure you read the latest information about our tuition fees.

Tuition fees enable us to maintain the quality of a Manchester degree, invest in the wider student experience and offer a range of scholarships and bursaries. Payment of fees will also entitle you to membership of the library, the Students' Union and the Athletic Union.

Home and international tuition fees

Tuition fees for home students commencing their studies in September 2017 will be £9,250, subject to government regulations on fee increases which will also determine any future inflationary increases for each subsequent year of the course. Tuition fees for international students will be £21,000 per annum and will be fixed for the duration of your course.

You will receive a significant fee discount* if your course includes an exchange or work placement year. For students from household incomes of up to £35,000 there are also cash bursaries available:

ProgrammeResidual household incomeCash bursary
Erasmus work placement £0 - £25,000 £1,350
£25,001 - £35,000 £675
Study abroad (Erasmus or not) £0 - £25,000 £2,000
£25,001 - £35,000 £1,000
Work placement UK/abroad (non-Erasmus) £0 - £25,000 £1,800
£25,001 - £35,000 £900

* The fee amount for year abroad/year in industry is subject to the outcome of the second stage of the Teaching and Excellence Framework (TEF). Home students currently pay £1,800 for a work placement and £1,350 for an exchange year. International students currently pay half the standard international fee for their exchange year or work placement year.


We offer a range of social responsibility scholarships to new undergraduate students. Social responsibility describes the way we are making a difference to the social and environmental wellbeing of our communities. It is one of our three core strategic goals, alongside world-class research and an outstanding learning and student experience.

Applying for a scholarship

To be eligible for a social responsibility scholarship you must achieve AAA at A-level (or equivalent) and be able to demonstrate a significant contribution and commitment to social responsibility.

We aim to award five undergraduate scholarships to UK students and one international (non-EU) scholarship in September 2017. The scholarships are worth £2,000 per annum across three years of study.

Successful applicants will be identified via both academic performance and a written application (maximum one A4 page).

Your written application should outline your previous involvement in, for example, community-based projects, volunteering opportunities and/or fundraising activities and how you hope to continue this at Alliance MBS. For example, previous scholars have volunteered a reading and maths mentors for school pupils, organised an auction for the Christian Aid Appeal and spent time as a Child Line counsellor.

The deadline for applications is 31st August 2017 however you are free to apply as soon as you have received your final results. Applications should be made via email to ug.ambs@manchester.ac.uk.

Social responsibility


of students from lower socio-economic groups


raised for charities by students each year


invested in widening participation into higher education


research beacons addressing major global challenges