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Masters International exchange

Study overseas and broaden your horizons.

Combine your Masters studies in Manchester with the cultural experience of university life in another country.

Study overseas and broaden your horizons

Combine your Masters studies in Manchester with the cultural experience of university life in another country.

Spend semester 2 abroad

First-hand knowledge of another culture can be crucial in business. Increase your cultural awareness and enhance your employability with a fantastic overseas study experience in semester 2.

You can opt for the international exchange if you study one of these courses:

The exchange option is open to all students on these courses; however, as there are limited exchange places, entry is competitive. On arrival at Alliance MBS in September you will need to produce a motivational statement for a particular set of exchange options that you want to consider. This will be evaluated and, if necessary, interviews will take place to match you with the available exchange options. It is important to research your options as it will strengthen your decisions and your application.


Application process

You will need to attend this session in order to apply for exchange. It is usually held during induction week. Application forms and information will be given and can also be collected after the session.

You will need to select three university preferences on your application and be prepared to go on exchange to any one of them. You also need to find the relevant courses and units for each option.

You will need to talk to your programme director about going on exchange and seek approval for the units you wish to study while on exchange. At this stage you only need to seek course approval for your first preference. If you are given your second or third preference you will need to repeat this process for the relevant university.

Note that the units must be approved by both your Alliance MBS Programme Director and Exchange Programme Director.

Submit your application to the Postgraduate Exchange Administrator, room G.016 Dover Street Building, by the deadline. You will need to print a copy of your application and sign the relevant sections.

Financial information for international exchange

You are responsible for applying for your visa and you must ensure that you obtain the necessary visas or entry permits for all countries they intend to visit before you leave the UK. Contact the relevant consulate for further details.

You pay your tuition fee to The University of Manchester. You do not pay any additional fees to go on exchange.

Living costs vary depending on where you go. You will need to cover your own travel, accommodation, and living expenses. Many institutions provide a breakdown of approximate living costs on their websites.

Return air fares can be expensive when travelling to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore US and Canada. Peak times will also be more expensive.

Also consider any other travel costs during the exchange period.

Accommodation costs vary according to country, university and whether you opt for private accommodation. Also consider the cost of housing during vacation periods and consider the current exchange rate. The accommodation offered can often be in a shared room.

Semester 1 accommodation at The University of Manchester

As you will spend semester 2 abroad, we currently recommend that international exchange applicants seek accommodation within the private accommodation sector. The University Accommodation Office is very unlikely to accommodate single semester applications due to limited supply.

If you apply for full-year accommodation through the University Accommodation Office and then leave early due to the exchange programme, you would still be bound by the terms and conditions of your full-year accommodation contract. In this event, we will endeavour to fill the vacancy created by your early departure in order to release you from the financial liability of your accommodation contract; however, this is not always possible.

We recommend that you contact Manchester Student Homes if you require accommodation terms that we cannot provide.

The University’s student travel insurance policy provides cover for students undertaking study abroad as part of their course. Some of our partner institutions may also require you to purchase additional compulsory health insurance.