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The Manchester Method

We don’t just give you the theory; we show you how to use it to get the results you want.

Developed by Alliance Manchester Business School, the Manchester Method focuses on group work, practice-based learning and reflection.

Learning by doing

Our practical approach produces highly employable MBAs who challenge the status quo in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Through the Manchester Method, you will learn to:

  • Take structured and data-informed approaches to decision making
  • Lead and work effectively with multinational groups
  • Reflect critically and analytically

Examples of The Manchester Method on the Global Part-time MBA:

  • Live business project
  • Interactive residential workshops
  • Real-world case studies
  • Business simulation
  • Group work with a diverse class

Manchester Method

Original thinking. Applied themes.

At Alliance MBS, ‘Original Thinking Applied’ is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we structure the Manchester MBA around practical themes, rather than traditional subject areas. This real-world focus ensures we develop reflective leaders who can navigate the most challenging global trends and tensions.

How can we understand today’s complex, uncertain business environment and overcome the challenges of leading and managing in a rapidly changing world? We will encourage you to reflect and engage with the historical, cultural and ethical considerations that should underpin any commercial decision.

Core to this theme:

  • Our course ‘Managing & Leading in a Global Environment’ examines current business environments using the practice-based Manchester Method.

How do contemporary businesses create value? We explore this question from both an academic and commercial perspective using a holistic approach that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries, and harnesses real and simulated business scenarios. This emphasises the interdependencies – and interrelationships – between the operational, tactical and strategic functional areas of an organisation.

Core to this theme:

  • Marketing & Operations: Operationalising and Communicating Value 
  • Accounting & Finance: Measurement of Business Value
  • Strategy & Competition: The Practice of the Contemporary Firm
  • Business Simulation Project

Customise your MBA experience with a live business project and our wide range of elective courses. This is your chance to explore a new field of interest, or gain more expertise in a specific area. Elective courses typically include a 3-day workshop residential at one of our centres in Dubai, Hong Kong, Manchester, São Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore. We also run online electives and a small number of electives in Washington DC.

Core to this theme:

  • Elective courses in Dubai, Hong Kong, Manchester, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Washington DC
  • Live business project
  • Online electives

Which professional and personal competencies do successful leaders require? Throughout our programme you will identify and develop these qualities by engaging in a range of planned and structured activities, including lectures, workshops and individual guidance sessions. You will also gain access to business practitioners, careers support and our alumni network. This reflective, experiential learning will support you as you plan and execute your post-MBA strategy.

Core to this theme:

  • MBA+ Careers
  • MBA+ Alumni Events and Activities


Weni Kabota

The Manchester Method teaches you to apply theory to solve live practical problems. It encourages you to think creatively and become an opinion leader.”

Weni Kabota, Head of SME Banking, Stanbic Bank, Zambia
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