Your Full-time MBA colleagues

Handpicked from across the globe, our MBAs are committed, driven and talented.

You will study with a diverse group of colleagues with impressive CVs and even more impressive ambitions. This is a unique opportunity to push yourself to your limits and build a global network of contacts and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Class of 2018: at a glance


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Class of 2018: nationalities

Every year, we attract candidates from all over the world to study with us in Manchester. This is an unrivalled opportunity to build global connections, explore new ways of doing business and develop cultural awareness that will be indispensable to your future career.

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Class of 2018: Pre-MBA industries

The Manchester Full-time MBA attracts candidates from all industries - from aerospace and advertising to energy and entrepreneurship. Whether you're looking to progress in an existing industry or change direction completely, this diversity will expose you to new approaches and enrich your learning.

Graph showing pre MBA industries

Student in Christie's bistro

Stefania Miravalle, Italian, Vice President Sports, Class of 2017

Pre-MBA role: Engineer 

“The study environment is very diverse and this has enriched my understanding of different cultures. Before the MBA, I didn’t realise how much someone’s background can influence their personality.” 

Male student in the Atrium

Yutaro Minami, Japanese, Class of 2017

Pre-MBA role: International marketing specialist

"Unlike in the real business world, mistakes are encouraged during the MBA, as long as you take the opportunity to learn from them to become a more skilled professional. This allows me to take risks, try new things and push my boundaries.” 

Female student talking

Maya Wilton, American, President of Women in Business Club, Class of 2017

Pre-MBA role: Finance manager

"The size and diversity of the class, plus events such as team building and the European MBA sports tournament, have allowed us to build lifelong relationships that will last well beyond the MBA.”

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